About Us

Insurance works most effectively when you don’t have to think about it, because you know it’s there, you know you’re covered. It’s peace of mind in its truest form.

McGivern Flynn & Co. Ltd. was established in 1982, to offer that peace of mind across a wide range of sectors from service industries to manufacturing industries.

We have a reputation that is built on over 30 years of business success.

We are a leading corporate insurance broker with access to both local and international insurers enabling us to provide Businesses with cost-effective tailor-made insurance solutions and services.

Our experienced teams are available to guide and advise you.

Our Approach

Our approach to business is straightforward, we believe in establishing personal relationships with our clients and obtaining the most appropriate insurance at the best price. Our clients stay with us because we provide a personal and professional service at all times and we work hard at building lasting relationships. We have committed dedicated and professional employees who are fully up-to-date with the latest market developments which enable them to create tailored solutions with the leading insurers. This means we can deliver extremely relevant and highly responsive insurance policies.

We understand that the role of a good broker is much more than simply designing the right insurance product and placing it at a keen price. We therefore also offer our clients our claims management expertise and we liaise with insurers to negotiate claims on our client’s behalf.

  • A truly independent broker meaning our advice is impartial.
  • Strong relationships with all major insurers which means a combination of quality and value for money.
  • Excellent claims handling from notification to settlement ensuring rapid recovery and the best possible settlement in case of a major loss.
  • Tailored risk management advice to identify risk, reduce the likelihood of accidents and enhance operating efficiency.
  • As well as understanding and mitigating risks, we help clients to better ‘market’ their risks to the underwriting community, helping them with competitive pricing and stronger negotiating power at renewal.
  • Financial strength and reassurance that we only work with insurers who have strong reputations and financial credentials to match.

Our Work Team